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How can burn more more calories in time why going At the most simple trick!

If you don't grab to do alt tmp of motion in out of the walking down use next trick the to the to maximum benefit of effects tour!

A research results booked have a as showing gone may fast may help at stimulrea metabolism respectively burning may quick of calories.

Mai exact, schimbarea vitezei in timpul mersului  creste numarul caloriilor arse cu 20%, spre deosebire de cazul in care mergi in acelasi ritm.

The explanation experts is : one simple if person step in help time walking and quantity of energy on is consumed more wholesale same thing being valid and in case calories burn.

In the framework of study scientists have analyzed the may many types of the but and gone number of the lost calories in all this time.

„Am descoperit ca schimbarea ritmului in timpul mersului aduce beneficii mai ales daca persoana vrea sa piarda in greutate. Daca persoana mareste viteza in timpul mersului si daca parcurge distante mai mari, atunci si numarul de calorii arse este mai mare“, afirma Manoj Srinivasan, profesor la Universitatea de Stat din Ohio, SUA.

Concluziile cercetarii au fost publicate in Jurnalul Medical „Biology Letters“. 


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