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Abdomen with ? 3 squares exercises simple that you do a body of envy

Flat ABS with possibly six packages muscle dream represents any e ca whatever comes about women or about mens Not e just easy of made but thinking about the way in that you sa look in the to summer then Park worth to get turn of the to he worked still of the now.

In first and in first rand needs to get a flat abdomen then to you build abdominal muscles . These muscle is the forms three layers and the that exercises you do need to le target every in part News Hi is as the ai need only one month for to get to form much dream with the to condition follow with the exericitii these Holiness:

Exercise 1

Lie down on your back raise your knees propped up feet floor hands the neck get up to the angle 30 degree incordandu your ABS You large hands. Stay in it position time of 10 seconds Return then in the position rest and other so hold 10 seconds Repeat exercise of 20 times of the Breathe normally..

Exercise 2

Intinde-te pe spate, cu picioarele lipite. Ridica in acelasi timp si trunchiul si picioarele fiecare la unghi de 30 de grade fata de sol, astfel incat corpul sa formeze un ā€žVā€. Ramai in aceasta pozitie timp de 5 secunde, apoi intoarce-te la pozitia initiala. Repeta miscarea de 20 de ori.

Exercise 3

All from same position on the back lying off shoulders of the floor and lift in same time legs approaching them chest Ideal would have to you keep hands in right neck Move legs as and how you pedal on a bike Fa cat of much can this exercise.

Repeat daily these exercise time of the four weeks. Not must to the but stretch as and the abdominal muscles tire.

Avoid in all this time preparations obtained from flour white and the that contains carbs. In the enter in eating yogurt eggs and fruit of the forest Foods rich in protein no need to you included of the no table as them are the that claim training muscles.

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