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6 of yoga position that we help to the weight loss

The lack of motion food disorganized failure hours of rest and the factors stress represents the main reason from almost 4 10 adults are overweight and 13% are obese.

In specialists ' opinion practicing yoga at least 3 times on the week the most efficiency method by the that can significantly decrease level hormones of stress and we fight weight in addition that we giveaway of the batting so much head and just sa we mold body and its us tonifiem muscles Up and the studies made doctor Alan Kristal Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Seattle sample of 15,000 of the adult over 50 years of show as overweight people yoga practiced at least a date time of the week 4 or more multi years have lost in medium 5 pounds ) (227 kg in time what people that no practice yoga were medium in fattening 135 pounds ) (612 kg

Profesorul de yoga acreditat international Dana tupa, fondatorul PURNA Yoga Academy – prima scoala de yoga din Romania acreditata de Yoga Alliance International USA (cel mai cunoscut for international in domeniu) considera ca exista 6 pozitii de yoga pentru incepatori care ne vor ajuta, in timp, sa ne echilibram nivelul hormonal si chiar sa slabim considerabil fara prea mare efort. Pot fi abordate toate posturile intr-o zi sau alternativ, dupa cum permite timpul personal.

1. Triangle Posture (Trikonasana)

It improves posture and waist area help removing gradually part of the side fat belt deposited that abdominal o and tone together with muscle leg and the shoulders Can adoption this so posture:

  • Not legs in side with the parallel soles then be whirl may first sole right towards outdoor;
  • Lift arms in the side level shoulders and the expires is the trunk he leans toward right;
  • Left arm will get on perpendicular to ceiling in time what the arm right will be on perpendicular to the floor;
  • Head be remains in extension column be easy it whirl such that sight sa get to a angle of 45 degrees with thumbs hand left;
  • Breath normal of allowed and it maintained position in the function of the possibilities between 30 seconds and 4 minutes;
  • Return do slow and after about 30 seconds time in that column and the muscles from normal incumbent will be do the posture exactly opposite practice previous;
  • Time total of practice - between 2 and 10 minutes;
  • Recommended in special those that having scoliosis.

2. his Shiva Posture dances (Natarajasana)

Help very much to the acceleration Burnout fat body through activation fire digestive stability ensuring flexibilizand grace physics column lumbar strengthening muscles legs arms and buttocks back;

  • STAM on the that the left instep base and hit with Palm right be ankle be sole foot law of which heel departam il cat more than of buttocks;
  • We bend in the girl raising leg cat of up can and the training us allows or flexibility;
  • Gaze heading in a point fix before;
  • Breath is the normal duration practice;
  • Keep minimal for posture 30 seconds;
  • Control in returns;
  • Practice part on posture opposite.

3. the Cobra Posture (Bhujangasana )

This posture stretches abdominal muscles and reshape form abdomen. Is one more of the best practice of asana then when comes comes of removal stress (unul in the that main factors go to ) ramming as activity cortisol regulates (hormonul ) stress reducing after just 3 minutes of practice level its.

Is and the beneficial flexibility for in column lumbar area but is banned to be case in that lomabare discopathies with the displacement vertebrae towards the in the girl arm strengthens muscles he back and the column reduces curvature cifotice (cocoasa).

Bhujangasana is practice in the next way:

  • Lying on belly relaxed legs arms place about sub area shoulders;
  • Inspired trunk lift indoind column in special in the lumbar area;
  • If embarrassment from time practice in the lumbar area is very big then adjusts the posture and is the most Palms moving in girl and more in the side up when we feel enough of comfortable;
  • Keeps 1 enter posture and 5 minutes;
  • Revinirea posture makes and it slow remains about half minute lying belly for the da time and space column and its muscles back to normal.

4. clestelui Posture(Pascimottanasana)

Acts intense on the fire enlargement digestive but and the vitality leg ligaments stretches adjusting torso position body and making supple elegance and . Da a pulse brain and subconscious for the does more submit fat abdominal area in the and the thighs drive of the deposits gradually on abdomen.

Crestelui posture practice so:

  • The feet are placed floor under strain with the knees;
  • Get down trunk and the cat possible is the thumbs come and legs or with palms soles;
  • During practice body is the cat more relaxed without muscle anxious effects posture more than coming from stretching and the ligaments trunk not by activation muscles;
  • Keep 1 enter posture and 5 minutes;


5. his Matsyendranath Posture (Ardha ) Matsyendrasana

Excellent is in turn her for flexibility column (vertebrele and 4 5 ) lumbar reduces oiliness abdomen on belt da abdominal suppleness and the trunk grace regulates thyroid activity responsible a lot negative effects upon weight in case misuse employees.

Practice in the next way:

  • The left leg bend on the floor and right comes with sole next knee left;
  • Trunk twist towards right with the Palm down right support and the law back keeps but twisted;
  • Forearm left comes on the right thigh;
  • Head shoulder whirl towards the law ;
  • Keep posture for minimum 1 minute;
  • Easy returns and posture when we feel comfortable enter in the posture and polar opposite ith just a I practiced

6. lumanarii Posture(Sarvangasana)

It is considered a universal panacea in practice traditional being famous and as the Queen of asanas is. Is number 1 in the adjustment activity thyroid as the holistic approach but for this is a practice required 20 minutes minimum on day with consistency Is the and known as posture anti-ageing.

It is forbidden to those major cervical problems of delaminations less than retina high issues heart problems with the blood ships level head sinusitis etc..

Posture is done so:

  • Position on lying back is lift feet and the trunk vertical;
  • Back is a help support Palm in mod firm;
  • Banned a it move head in the time practice;
  • ;
  • Keep position between 30 seconds and 5 minutes in the function can personal;
  • Return do and in slow control still floor for about a minute the time thus leaving the blood circulation to the back normal in whole body.

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