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What is NOT well sa bei water in the time table

Obiceiul de a servi un pahar cu apa sau oricare alt lichid in timpul mesei este daunator digestiei si siluetei!

Nutritionistii atrag atentia ca, daca bem apa in timp ce mancam, ne facem mai mult rau decat bine. O cantitate prea mare de fluide consumata in timpul mesei cauzeaza balonare, indigestie si impiedica absorbtia eficienta a nutrientilor.

Why we specialists advise as time of 30 to 60 minutes before after and what eat sa water drink not If we is very thirsty can drink a quantity very little of water with the small SIPs. In case contrary water will dilute stomach acid extremely important for the food breaking down ingested.

Potrivit, daca vreti sa va imbunatati digestia, mancati in liniste, stati la masa si alegeti alimente mai acre sau mai acide. Aceste obiceiuri stimuleaza secretia de bila, creand un mediu propice digestiei.

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