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Strange Fruit SERIAL , but healthy : Physalis

Le view in the supermarket but forms their weird te determine sa le walk by. Do a mistake say experts because fruit exotic hide properties no . you every in reveals week how are the consume but and what benefits have these fruit weird Today: the and known Physalis sub name of the Sea buckthorn Charge!

Some of the the most tasty fruit in the world Physalis have therapeutic qualities important. Fruit of Physalis have properties anti-inflammatory antioxidant antivitale diuretics and antirheumatic.

In Romania, Physalis mai sunt sunt cunoscute si sub numele de “lampion chinezesc” sau “floarea-lampion”, datorita invelisului care seamana cu o mantie ca de hartie creponata.

Although originating from South America fruit of the may be Physalis common and in woods from country our or on road edge but have just decorative role being . Why is his le indicated eat only after what you provided ca have origin safe.

Physalis I am rich in the phosphorus pectin vitamins A C B1 B6 B12 and More contains and the P vitamin acknowledged for her properties anti-inflammatory antioxidant and antiviral.

Well are and the roll content of : protein 16% a serving of fruit dry 28 of gram contains 112 calories 170% in daily recommended dose ) (DZR of vitamin A 20 25 %RDA vitamin C 8% DZR calcium 12% DZR iron.

Physalis fruit is a a look red cherry but color is orange After removal fresh fruit neural crest cells has glossy Peel.

Physalis se poate consuma in varianta proaspata sau uscata. Gustul este acrisor asemanator agriselor, iar in varianta uscata seamana cu gustul serbetului de lamaie.

Fresh fruit dry or consume such or in various combinations: the homemade smoothie desserts salad If are dry it can add and in grain.

Atentie insa!  Physalis nu este recomandat copiilor cu varsta sub 1 an, din cazua ca este un fruct exotic si poate provoca alergii copiilor sensibili.

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