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Kefir diet with : more weak with 3 5 in pounds days

Kefir is a food with many properties beneficial for digestion and body in general time of summer is with so more precious for that you refresh senses and you accelerates metabolism.

This type of contains bacteria fermented beneficial yeast thiamine biotin calcium vitamin B12 folic acid vitamin K2.

Protein in yogurt are the rapid digested body and the next content protein it is the enriched with essential minerals body like calcium magnesium and phosphorus.

Some studies in the domain a as suggests consumption rich of yogurt may prevent tumor development inhibit them evolution.

How are you diet with yogurt

Eat sa indicated in every day to sort but no more than of five days for you can destabilize easy body write

Here's a must to be menu daily.

  • Small breakfast: a glass with yogurt and of a slice bread fried;
  • The morning snack: 100 g of fruit and a cup yogurt;
  • Lunch: serving a salad vegetable Cup yogurt;
  • Dinner: a glass of yogurt and 100 g of fruit no very sweet;
  • The evening snack: 100 g of cheese and a cup yogurt;
  • Before of bed: a glass with yogurt.

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