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Diet-Flash the second ! days

Scapa in doar doua zile de kilogramele in plus, care nu iti dau pace. Dieta cu apa calda si lamaie te scapa de grasimie si ajuta organismul sa arda mai usor tesutul adipos. 

Iata mai jos meniul pe care trebuie sa il urmezi: 

First day

Morning, immediately how you high from bed drink a glass with the hot water (cat of a hot ) supports the that you added lemon juice a and of a teaspoon root de ginger fresh dat through scrapers.
Buffet breakfast the : drink 250 ml of the juice fruit or vegetables fresh (ori one ) other Avoid his mix fruit vegetables with because risti sa te balonezi.

Brunch the time 10.00: limited just in a tea on the base plant unsweetened.

Lunch: can enjoy with a bowl of rice Brown well braised and the with a seasoned teaspoon of the sesame seeds .
Brunch de dupa-amiaza: a drink tea of dandelion plant recognized for properties his diuretics.
For dinner: fierbe un cartof, doi morcovi, o sfecla curatata de coaja, felii de ceapa si de telina, ardei si mirodenii in multa apa, timp de o ora. Cand sunt fierte, trece totul prin sita, pasand legumele. 

A second day

Morning: Repeat stage with the hot water in the previous day.
Buffet breakfast the : mananca un mango de marime medie si o jumatate de papaya. Taie fructele bucatele intr-un bol si stropeste-le cu suc de lamaie verde 
Snack the time 10.00: an tea of plants.
Lunch: You can eat at least three dishes vegetable cooked in steam and rice Brown cooked in water.
Afternoon: a drink tea of dandelion.
Evening: serve the same type in food day previous.

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