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5 reasons to well to the consume kefir in every day

Kefir is a product lactate with many benefits for body and would have to take in il every day if want to get enjoy of the sale therapeutic virtues. The what apart kefir of other products of milk is the of preparation. is comes about a process of double (lactica fermentation and alcoholic ) in that the Add grains of yogurt.

If in the that you like to bei a natural yogurt, il can make just you home of milk and the Tibetan fungus. this mushroom looks with the inforescenta and its cauliflower zoom volume as the your will get the to a cooking and other For a yogurt delicious add 1-2 tablespoons of mushroom to 200-300 ml milk and let mixing sa ferment between 8 and the 24 hours in to the temperature camera.

Here are just a few of benefits major of kefirui for health :

1. You the improves digestion and you help you lose weight

With a easy effect laxative, kefir ideal for the your if you are with a digestion slow ai trend of the and bloating a constant abdominal discomfort.

Consumat cu regularitate, kefir va actiona asupra tranzitului intestinal, dar in acelasi timp va accelera metabolismul si arderea caloriilor. Astfel, o cure with yogurt may help you lose weight because you you will get to eat more little you gain fast feel of the and satiety will look in the food cravings.

2. You the system strengthens the immune

Kefir is and a excellent natural remedy pentru intarirea sistemului imunitar. Datorita continutului ridicat de probiotice, kefir regleaza flora bacteriana din intestine si are grija sa fii protejat de infectii, de raceli si alte viroze respiratorii.

3. Ward anxiety

Kefir este bogat in vitaminele A, D, K si vitamine din complexul B (B1, B12, triptofan si biotina, printre altele). Dintre acestea, vitamina B12 este cea mai importanta for health a creierului si a sistemului nervos, deoarece reduce anxietatea si scade nivelul de stres. Vitamina D este si ea importanta, deoarece scade nervozitatea, previne durerile de cap si te ajuta sa te calmezi mai repede in situatii tensionate.

4. You the system strengthens the bone

Calcium magnesium phosphorus all the mineral is found in kefir si sunt esentiale for health a oaselor si a articulatiilor.

5. You rejuvenates skin

Due to its high antioxidants, kefir It Rejuvenates the skin appearance but improves just if il take in a regular.

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