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10 food on to the eat for a skin perfect

Here are a few food on to the eat for a skin healthy:

1. Pepper pepper Red contains the most big quantity of the vitamin C strengthening immune system young skin while maintaining To the pepper fat contains certain phytochemicals in particular carotenoids beta-carotene what are the properties antioxidant and anti-inflammatory wrinkle appearance becomes .

2. Chocolate black. Doctors say as home case a of a is wrinkle lower production of the and collagen elastin. Because Andes " and ingredients active chocolate black delay advent wrinkle keep elasticity and the skin fresh help to the cell regeneration.

3. Salmon one of food that fight against stress anxiety and the depression Bring a high input vitamin D the that we help to the cancer prevention colon cardiovascular diseases and the disease bones More than of both consumption of salmon is rich in the acids omega 3 that help to the skin moisturizing fight against acne.

4. coconut Oil contine in procent de peste 90% grasimi saturate si acid lauric care contribuie la cresterea imunitatii, lupta impotriva virusurilor, bacteriilor si a diverselor boli( infectii, inflamatii, acnee).

5. Green Tea . Among the outstanding benefits of tea green it count and of a capacity delay process aging cell wrinkle appearance automatically but and the slow cell degradation brain and the risk over install the of the or Alzheimer's Parkinson's.

6. Spinach reprezinta o sursa excelenta de vitamina K, magneziu, acid folic, fier, calciu, vitamina C, vitamina B2 , potasiu si vitamina B 6. Spinach este o sursa buna de proteine, fosfor, vitamina E, zinc, fibre si cupru. In plus, el este o buna sursa de seleniu si acizi grasi de Omega 3.

7. Seeds Chia seeds of the hemp seeds of the pumpkin seeds of the sunflower seeds and of the are very rich in the vitamin E magnesium selenium and protein that help in fight against the to wrinkles acne.

8. Celery. Vitamina B continuta de aceasta leguma de altfel delicioasa contribuie la cresterea imunitatiii organismului, protejandu-l de infectii, in timp ce vitamina C ajuta la incetinirea procesului de imbatranire. Pe langa aceste vitamine, intalnim si un continut ridicat de calciu, fier, magneziu, potasiu si sodiu.

9. Papaya. Extractele din acest fruct sunt folosite de multi ani in realizarea produselor destinate infrumusetarii tenului si mentinerii vitalitatii acestuia, precum si prin estomparea ridurilor. De asemenea, fructul delicios contribuie la rezistenta parului si a unghiilor.  

10. Carrots. Detoxifying of properties carrots help to the release of liver toxins and the healing 3 by cleaning blood flow All the use carrots uneven pigmentation a skin and vitamin A in the vegetables feeds skin cells prevents dehydration and other the problems common dermatological.

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Claudia Iancu

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