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What is happening to in your body when no bei enough water

Million of the people no no drink even glass of water just and the week catering which what is with so more the cat with concerning in the hot periods risk of the considerably increases drying .

A study recently made in the United Kingdom look as about four million of British no have drink no even a glass of water in the last week.

Multi of those on study participants admit as drink more than alcohol than water or a it on replace with the or tea coffee.

Even if multi of the new not be given proper hydration important from lack of water body we sick may to own.

”Apa este esentiala pentru ca organismul nostru sa functioneze normal. Un procent important din populati se plange de oboseala si lipsa energiei, iar deshidratarea este cel mai frecvent motiv”, spun specialistii.

Among the more common symptoms of dehydration include : fatigue of pain head dizziness lack of the urinary concentrating irritability intrevale big very time and the dark urine color breathing bad breath constipation.

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