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What diseases can hide dizziness

Dizziness, occasional no are serious but episodes represents a repeated serious reason ! Iata concern what may hide diseases!

Causes ametelilor:

  • anemia

  • Meniere's disease (afectiune of the internal ear; is the manifest through a overall of : dizziness disorders loss zbarnaituri and hearing ) in ear

  • cinepatie (rau ) shipping

  • average otitis media

  • cerebral vascular acccident

  • brain tumor

  • some medicines administration : the amphetamines, sedatives

Treatment classic for headache includes:

  • vitamins

  • Cortisone

  • brain tonic

  • minerals

In the case of ametelilor treatment must be repeated physician prescribed!

Nauriste fixes may be used with : success of infusion nettle ginko biloba ciubotica-cucului but and the must these treatments recommended of specialist.

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