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On Colposcopy explained meaning all

Colposcopy is one of the most major methods of the Gynecologic investigation and is recommended for the a investigating injuries present to the level cervix in case a result obtaining citolologie modified cervical or in case a persistent infections with a stem of the with risk HPV oncogen rose.

Often a result of in the to the Gynecologic consultation result test Pap the that it add more recent HPV testing gynecologist doctor can decide if required to perform colposcopy confirm or rule out the presence of a lumbar cervical Colposcopy is a method of the rapid noninvasive diagnostic but very efficiency in diagnostivul displaziiilor cervical.

Dr. Laura Lacson Doctor primary Obstetrics and Gynecology - of the Medical Center Donna will share the most major things on any woman needs to le does before in the time after making colposcopyi.

When e recommended making colposcopyi?

Dr. Laura Lacson: The most many times doctor gynecologist recommended colposcopy if results test Pap Babes shows abnormal values or gynecological exam shows this a injuries cervical lesions Frequently neck are completely asymptomatic and from this reason advice making periodical gynaecological a test Pap and preferably a test HPV are binding Bleeding intermenstrual and the most chosen put after contact sexual are very suggestive for this a injuries cervical.

How to must be train patient for colposcopy?

Dr. Laura Lacson: Women that is the ready to colposcopy need know as the a few restrictions exist and recommendations E sa important ii say doctor about allergies suffer treatment medication on that you got in last period or of a possible pregnancy.

Schedule visit to the physician for colposcopy so that his be in out of period period of favorite with at least 4 days after stopping bleeding . With two days before of the are prohibited procedure contact sexual use buffers internal or a vaginal creams dusurilor performing vaginal.

Cu 30-60 de minute inainte de colposcopy, poti lua un antialgic fara prescriptie medicala, pentru a diminua disconfortul din timpul investigatiei. Anxietatea dinaintea procedurii poate fi redusa daca vorbesti deschis cu medicul tau si el te va ajuta sa te relaxezi. Colposcopia creeaza un disconfort minim si este foarte bine suportata de catre pacienta.

How this investigation conducted?

Dr. Laura Lacson: Pentru realizarea colposcopyi este folosit un sistem optic special. Cu ajutorul lui, ginecologul examineaza peretele vaginal si portiunea vaginala a colului uterin. Ca medicul sa poata efectua colposcopia, va fi nevoie sa stai in pozitie ginecologica.

The vaginal walls will be easy departati speculul with so that to the can analysis . Colposcopul what contains system optical is used to a distance of 20-30 cm of vagina Using a source of the light gynecologist examines layout cervix examination using and then direct treating neck with a solution acetic acid iodized solution will suspected areas underline .

If there are abnormalities colposcopice doctor will carry out a biopsy will send specimen collected for the anatomo-pathologic examination. After small procedure appear bleeding fix by the specific treatments.

Ce urmeaza dupa realizarea colposcopyi?

Dr. Laura Lacson: Recomandarile dupa colposcopy variaza, in functie de ceea ce descopera medicul in timpul investigatiei.

What message le transmit women who them been recommended colposcopy?

Dr. Laura Lacson: The importance of this investigation absolute because we allow a diagnosis . Fear and the a diagnostic delay no nothing fix from v. may lead to a worsening lumbar cervical may be time in treated useful through methods more little invasive.

In aceste situatii, recomand cu tarie realizarea colposcopyi. Timpul este foarte pretios pentru orice femeie care a obtinut rezultate anormale la testul Papanicolau sau se confrunta cu simptome ce pot indica o afectiune grava.

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