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Summer months and warmth ' us on affects all. Children elderly and women pregnant are the people the most and the hit more the Sun sensible burner that but we on affects all a as or other Here who are the problems health with that you can face if ignore following signs:

1. Excessive Sweating

Then when you is body heat answer display or natural is sweat system automatically coolers of the Yes No we love but is how are can of ! You needed to avoid issues who are odata with sweat ? abundance Refa need of water of the hidratandu of the your I you have opportunity or feel the your thirsty. The most good method of moisturizing is water rock that contains and the minerals required on le remove odata with water then when sweat.

2. Muscle Cramps

If the ai stopped sa sweat as result of exposure prolonged at Sun and warmth no to get hidratezi enough appear and the to risk more serious complications. Odata with the dehydration will install and the State of a fatigue terrible thirst and the muscle cramps Treated these cramps will develop in pain of the State head dizziness vomit physics total weakness.

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